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Life as you know it goes by fast with all the decisions you make, sometimes it can be wrong or right as long as you overcome it. All I need to make my life simple is God and my family. I can't say that God is controlling it, but helping me do whats right for me. I LOVE MY LIFE!

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Pillows are my favorite snacks! ^_^

Happy Birthday Lola! I love you so much and i miss you. I think about you everyday and night. I sometimes dream of you and Lolo happy together. I wish i had more time to spend time with you, but you were in so much pain. I understood that it was your time to go and im gald that you went with no pain or regrets. With so much problems at home and school i always come to you for help even today. Thank you for everything and i hope you and Lolo are happy together.

With the bestfriend @andysaur_

With the cousin @niccoleex3

My sister is back! Srry its blurry @lb_perucho

Came home to see this little girl sleeping on the couch ^_^


Watch it all come down! Im so irritated with that B+ in English -_-

Did my nails! ^_^ #latepost

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So cute!